viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

"The Cherry Orchard", Antón Chejov y "The Winter´s Tale" Shakespeare

Teatro: Español, Plaza de Santa Ana
Dias: 21 y 28 Abril(vamos Marta y yo).Tb 18,20,21 22(Chejóv) 25,27,28,29,(Shakes.)
Idioma: INGLES
Compañia: INGLESA
Precios: varios, de 6e-28e


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Carmen dijo...

Do not miss this opportunity particularly the fifths....You know that Shakespeare is COMPULSORY. You will ahve composition

SILVIA RUIZ 5º B dijo...

It won´t be possible for me the 21st,I´ll try another day!

Carmen dijo...

Alguien está interesado en comprar dos entradas para The Cherry Garden día 21? Marta and me cannot go after all since we have a funeral!!!!! Isn´t it unfotunate, on the very same day at the very same time!!! They are not cheap 29€each.

Silvia Ruiz 5ºB dijo...

I´m really sorry,Carmen an Marta.
I cannot go that day.
I will attend the 28th to the other play.I already bought the ticket
I hope you find someone. Good luck!!!

Carmen dijo...

I´m sure we will because it´s going to be really good. Personally I´m going to go another day

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

I cannot go during the week because it is at 8 o'clock. I already have my ticket for the 26, so at least I will be able to discuss it on the blog.

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

I saw this play in November and it is great!

It is called Fallen from the sky (Caídos del cielo) and the interpreters are either professional actors and real homeless.
I would see it again, I would like if we go as a group.

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

I think this is the meeting with public you were talking about, Alessandro. At 9 o'clock this next Sunday.

I will probably go because I have a ticket to see The cherry orchard this day.

María dijo...

You must not miss it!! I went to one there and it´s wonderful because you can ask everything you want to know!! And this one it will be in English!! I can´t go, but if you do, tell then, ok??

SOSIAS dijo...
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SOSIAS dijo...

I got tickets for the 2 plays. It's going to be one of the events of the year.

Years ago, I saw Ralph Fiennes in Julius Cesar (Shakespeare too)at the same theatre and it was amazing.

Antonio 3ºB

Susana 5ºC dijo...

The Cherry Orchard, it is the story of the past, it is the story of the present, it is a happy time, it is a disillusionment time….a dream and a reality.

I was at the theatre yesterday and you cannot lose this chance. All actors are superb, (I especially loved Sinéad Cusack), fabulous clothes, the staging unbeatable, the music was very good and there is more than one surprise….. It was in my opinion one of the best plays I remember. Apart from this, quite British audience and famous people like Pedro Almodóvar.

Anyway, I have a ticket for The Winter´s Tale, Monday 27th, 6 €, so:

- I want to change it for a ticket for Tuesday 28th or I could be interested in buying other ticket for Monday 27t , 6 or 15 €, if someone is interested in one of the options, please send an email to or Thank you.

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

Hi! I just came home after seeing the play, and it was really wonderful. I agree with you, Susana in that the best was Cusack, though every actor was great.

Anyway, I have to say I liked more the text of Platonov, the other Chejov's play now on stage in Madrid. I am curious to know whether you are of the same opinion!

carmen dijo...

I´m glad you´ve liked it so much. Afriend of mine has been to see it and she doesn´t speak English and she´s said it´s wonderful!!
Susan, I´ll try to sell your ticket for the 27th, it´s better to have one option sell or buy. Two is more complicated, in my opinion.

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

Here a sort of review of the play:

María 5ºB dijo...

Antonio, did you really see Ralph Fiennes performing Julio Cesar?? That´s a great luck! You must tell us how you enjoyed it! By the way, where are you going to see these two plays? Because we (fifths) are going also and it would be interesting to go together, don´t you think? For what days have you bought your tickets?

María 5ºB dijo...

Elenaaa, why do you see before every play we are going to see with the Theatre Club?? Don´t you want to go with us??? You are bad!!

marta dijo...

I have been told that the Cherry Orchard is fantastic! So I´m sure we´ll have a fantastic evening at the theatre at last!

Lidia 5º C dijo...

Yesterday Isaw The Cherry Ochard. Fantastic all the actors and superb the measure and the rhythm, each movement was perfect. Really, a plaesure. The meeting after the play was very interesting and the public had the chance to ask many questions directly to the actors. A good experience.

Carmen dijo...

I´m ever so glad that you have liked it, particularly pleased that some of you had the opportunity to meet the actors. I´m going today.
Antonio 3ºB, when are you going? tell us so that we can see you, I think you sre one of the very few of the thirds that are going.
Remember that I´m going to The winter´s tale on the 28th

María dijo...

What we saw yesterday was the best work of the year, I daresay. And it is a work made by the English. It appeared to be a film, the scenario, the lights, the music, the actors... Sam Mendes have done a very good job again. Every actor did their roles very well. Nobody made you go out the plot by some bad interpretation, which is unusual in plays made by the Spanish. All of them were credible!!
We have been privileged, having the opportunity of seeing so wonderful a play. There were many people looking for tickets at the very door of the theatre, which I had never seen before!!
There were also many Spanish actors there. I also hope they have learnt something...
Who is going on the 28th to the theatre????? We all could meet before to have a drink (and after)! ;)

María dijo...

sam mendes has done, I meant

SOSIAS dijo...

Sorry, I couldn't enter this days. I bought the ticket before our class so I didn't know you were going to go.

I saw The Cherry Ochard last monday, and I liked so much, what a wonderful perfomance, staging, music.. My best part was the dance scene at first of the second act. Amazing.

I'm going to see The winter's tale this sunday at 4. If anyone is going, please tell me.

And María, yes, I saw Ralph Fiennes performing Marco Antonio in Julius Caesar, and it was really great. He has a very strong voice and it was amazing seeing him so close acting. He did it very well as all the rest of the cast. It was very interesting, this adaptation set the play at the present days. It was the first time I saw a Shakespeare's in English.

María dijo...

Well Sosias you were very lucky indeed!
On SundaY? I think that Elena Gil (she writes here many times, look the previous comments) is going on Sunday as well. So both of you can go together.
I´m looking forward to seeing your comments. Shakespare´s must be at least as good as Chejov´s.
Yesterday, Natalia and me were commenting the play. We liked the scene of the no-declaration (between Varia and the old man whose name I don´t remember). We didn´t understand why people laughed at so dramatic a moment!!!! People laughed all the time, the play not being, in my opinion, a comedy, but a drama. I only laughed with the other old man when he thought he had lost the money... What do you think?
Natalia, post comments, I implore you.

SOSIAS dijo...

Yes, that scene was really great, but I think it's a bit pathetic and comic at first, but the end when Varia started to cry... It's so sad, well all the play is sad. Because if you think this scene is after another with Lopajin (for me the best) and Ranevskaia in which he tried to kiss her.

The text is really great, and I feel very bad because I'm not going to see Platonov.

María dijo...

I agree with you. It´s so pathetic! Lopajin was in love of Ranevskaia (I guess you have looked for the names!), and she knew it, though she didn´t assume it, as she insisted in the marriage of the other two. Better for Varia, since, finally, Lopajin was not a good man. A whole life he had been thinking of selling the orchard, of being the owner, for revenge?, desiring what the others had. Very sad.

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

I am going sunday at four o'clock as well.

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

Truly interesting comments!

Well, Alessandro and Sosias who are also going on Sunday at 16h, maybe we could meet outside when the play finishes, to comment it, what do you think?

Maria, about people laughing, etc, I read that Chejov intended the play to be a comedy but directors kept representing it as being a drama, so it seems Chejov would have been glad of the way Mendes directed it...

However, I have to say I found the play very sad, too. I suppose it has to be with the fact Chejov wrote it at the end of his life. Maybe he has seen it all before (estaba de vuelta?), particularly with love. The love scenes were quite bitter..

By the way, I was in the meeting with the actors, it was quite funny and interesting. There was a polish woman who said that, having read the original text, she felt that in Mendes'play there was a different sense of humour, very british, that was obviously not in the original text, which was more 'sharp' (I think the word was 'seco').

I found a very enlightening website where you can read a lot of things about this plays. They explain quotations, the context in which the play was written, an overview of the plot, analysis of the characters...

For the cherry orchard:

For the winter's tale:

María dijo...

Elena, you must be right about Chejov´s intentions. However, I notice people didn´t see the dramatism of that scene of the no-declaration. Anyway, it doesn´t matter. I liked the play very much, because everything was well done. Elena, didn´t you ask anything to the actors? didn´t you practise English? ;)

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

No, I'm afraid I didn't... But there was a woman that asked Ethan Hawke why he would keep playing 'chicos malos' (I did not understand why she said that). He told her "We should meet outside" :D

The irish actor playing Fris, the servant (which he did beautifully, don't you think?) was very talkative and funny too. When they were asked about the difference between an English play and a play like that, with Irish, Canadian, American and English actors, he said, "Well, the Irish are always drunk!!"

Carmen dijo...

I´ll quote Marta to begin my post: "esto es teatro". I´m glad that you have had the opprtunity of seeing what theatre is!!! You have all said very appropriate comments and there is something in what you have said, even if it is not accurate, because that is how you have perceived it.
All the actors were good, brilliant some. I did not like the tutor as much because of his American accent, it just doesn´t sound as nice as English, I´m sorry! Varia, the adopted sister had some problems with her accent, which is very good but a little unclear, she has to work on it a bit.
The most incredible thing is that they were believable, the audience was part of the story inside the plot.

Natalia dijo...

Maria, thanks for your support and encouragement! I do appreciate it!
The play we enjoyed last Tuesday was one of the best so far during the last term. As for me, I loved the way the plot is developed, how the characters are depicted and the atmosphere created just with a few ornaments making us be aware of every significant detail. I must admit that Chéjov is one of the best writers for theatre I’ve ever seen on stage, leaving aside the Master (our dearest Shakespeare)! Is marvellous the way the text flows, slowly and rhythmic at the same time but with an increasing cadence that keep our attentiveness to the end of the play. The cast wonderful too! Moreover the middle-age cast did their utmost to get the great success they achieved! Excellent in all respects!

María dijo...

You are very welcome Nataly! You write so well that I can´t understand why you don´t do it more often!
Honestly, I continue not noticing the difference between accents! I see it´s English and nothing else!!! My ear is awful!
What we saw was fantastic indeed. I only hope next tuesday it´s not so hot in the theatre!

marta dijo...

LAST NIGHT WE WENT TO THE THEATRE. It is one of the few days when we have gone though we have been going into a theatre building and watching actors and actresses on the stage for years.
It is a pity I write this and I say that we can´t stop going because that is the only theatre we have and the only one there is in Spain. I´m sorry to say that the theatre is very very bad in Spain and I´m sure those of you who´ve been to this play now understand why all my comments about the plays we have been to have been negative. What sex was there in the play? Do you remember Hamlet making love to Ophelia while Laertes was sodomasing him? Something disgusting unnecessary and totally false. The English don´t need scandal to have a full theatre, you just go in watch the play and you feel that it is theatre that you are watching and you just understand what the theatre is and how worth it is. I was very lucky to go to the theatre in London the first time in my life, that is probably why I like it. The Spanish are very good painters, we are terrible actors and our directors are not artists and have no ideas, I´m very sorry to say but it is not my idea it is Marce´s, I just agree with him: they cannot create anything.
Try and get tickets for the Winter´s Tale you won´t regret it.

The Bandit dijo...

Hi everyone.

After reading all your comments, I have come to the conclusion that all of you think "The Cherry Orchad" is a masterpiece. I´m afraid I don´t agree with you. It seems that all of you are in a kind of "collective ecstasy" with that play and nobody is capable of writing anything negative about the play.
I agree with you, the play is quite good, but come on, not so good!. In my opinion, the performances are better than the play. You have to admit that in the two first acts nothing happens and the play begins from the third act (all the actors/actresses dancing). Some parts of the play are a little slow and boring I dare to say, only the performances keep the play alive. And I think I´m not the only who thinks that because I saw many people who surrounded me looking their watches/mobile phones repeatedly throughout the play and that means that the play doesn´t hook you deeply.
Sorry, I don´t want to be a "wet blanket", I just want to get the balance right about the play, to be fair. I think the play has got negative points and it will be unfair not to say anything about them.

María dijo...

I don´t agree. The plot was very interesting, I think. There are a lot of things in it to think about.
I agree as for the collective ecstasy is concerned. It usually happens when what we see is as good as this play. Don´t you think it is the best play we´ve been this year? Last year the best was Happy Days (the second, King Lear, from my point of view). Two years going to the theatre almost every fortnight and the best two plays have been performed by the English. Doesn´t it make you think that they do better than what we do here?

SOSIAS dijo...

Elena and Alessandro, it would be great meet us after the play and talk about it.

Elena, Carmen told me we met in Meassure for Meassure, so I think I can recognize you and I guess you know Alessandro.

How can we do it?

About the play, I completely disagree with you Bandit, the two first acts are not boring, one of my favourites scenes is in them, when they are outside drinking wine, laughing and, suddenly, a mysterious peasant appears.

However, it's good and interesting have diferents points of view.

Antonio 3ºB

Elena Gil - 5B dijo...

Bandit, I partly agree with you in that the play is a bit slow. In fact I think Sam Mendes should have chosen Chejov's Platonov instead of the Cherry Orchard :)

Antonio and Alessandro, I think we might easily meet in front of the theater, at Plaza Sta Ana, next to Garcia Lorca's statue at the end of the play. Is it ok?

The Bandit dijo...

María, I agree with you. The Cherry Orchard is the best play we have seen in that season. The actors/actresses performances, the wardrobe, the music, the staging, etc, are excellent. But all those elements form a nice wrapping paper which contains a not so pretty gift. I mean, the script and the development of the play are, in some parts, very slow, they haven´t got a right rhythm. (come on, it´s obvious). On the other hand, I have never said anything against English actors/actresses/writers. On the contrary, they are the best in those affairs. But this is not an obstacle to say that on Tuesday´s night we didn´t see a masterpiece. It seems that because it´s a British company, British actors/actresses, Ethan´s mandatory to say that the play is marvellous and it isn´t. I just try to be fair and sincere.

Carmen dijo...

The pla may have been slow, but because people of that class, particularly a class that is quickly passing away, dying are like that, they just hang about and are incapable of action. Mr. Pombo´s new character, Virginia Montes is a bit like that, she locks herself up in her house and refuses to move on. I think that when someone or something is dying we have this immovable position, wwe are incapble of action, that could be, if you think of it a definition of END: that which does not move on, change. I have witnessed that in real life, that´s why I do not think it is slow, it just shows what it is like for some.

María dijo...

It´s very good the comparison between those people who felt they had lost in life (Virginia Montes or the mother in The cherry orchard, for instance). Both knew they would have to live without what had made them happy. Each chose their way.
Actually, in my opinion, plays where supposedly nothing happens are the best, because it happens to have surprises or because the level of reflection is the highest. I mean, those plays, the plot of which goes beyond the happening in front of your eyes, which goes to the very inside of the characters, are for me the best.

Carmen dijo...

As usual, a very cleverly reasoned post.

I have two tikets to sell for the 28th. 28€ each, anyone wants them?

CARMEN dijo...


Mario dijo...

Mario Advanced 1-A

Hi everybody!

I went last tuesday to the Theatre and I have to confess I was thrilled! The play was superb. Not only could you follow most of the cast's speeches properly but also they performed wonderfully.

Despite the fact that the script was simple at first sight, the characters enriched it with their particular vision of an age which had vanished forever, although they felt like not having realised about it.

The set decoration was perfect as well as the artistic direction and the costume design.

I hope this kind of theatre can be made in Spain by spanish actors and actresses!

SUSAM dijo...


I think ‘The cherry orchard’ was as stunning as I expected to be. My expectations were great and I didn’t feel disappointed at all. Every single actor/actress was terrific ( I’d particularly highlight Sinead Cusak and Simon Beale ) The staging was simple and effective, and the pace ,perfect. This is one of the times when I have experienced the magic of theatre.
Bandit, I think Chejov’s style is like that, the story itself is minimum, but from my point of view, that doesn´t make the play boring. It is ‘a play of characters’ , and I’ve seen this same feature in ‘Uncle Vania’, another famous play by the same author. Chejov portrays the lives of different characters, with their miseries, flaws, expectations and dreams, with their strong and weak points, focusing on a social issue at that time : in this case, the new Russian society, the freedom of serfs and decadence of the old aristocracy and its inability of adapting to the changing times.
Though basically I agree with you, Marta, after reading your comment, it looks as if there had never been a Spanish play praiseworthy. Well, I’ve seen some of them
( not many, it’s true; lately, ‘Sweeney Todd, directed by Mario Gas, a brilliant musical, theatre after all ), and that’s why I do love theatre too. And that’s why, having known what theatre is , every time I expect the same high quality and often get disappointed
( and therefore, I go fewer and fewer ) . And , quite a few times I have been more deeply touched by plays performed by amateur actors at the University who work for the love of it rather than by some ‘professional’ actors (something to reflect on ).
And that’s why I am looking forward to going on Wednesday to see ‘A winter’s tale’, and I embrace the ‘collective ecstasy’, which no doubt, will grow greater and greater , since it is the last performance in Spain….

Carmen dijo...

A very good commet Susan, you´ve said "all that was right"
I love Chejov, somehow I understand what he is trying to say, I´ve met people like those we saw on stage, and some of you too!!

Carmen dijo...

IJ´ve just got back and I seeing that my computer was on I just cannot help writing something about this memorable evening. We have, indeed seen some magnifenct theatre. what a wonderful performance!!! I think that today we have seen some wonerful acting of a wonderful playright and I´ve enjoyed EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! We are very lucky to have had this opportunity and we´ve seen it all together, please let´s make an effort and keep it in our minds "until death do us part"

Anónimo dijo...

I have to say that "The winter´s tale" is the best play that I´ve ever seen in my life. I don´t remenber so good a perfomance. I have felt anguish and pity (as in every Shakespeare´s play), but I have also felt hope,I have laught, I have been moved by the end of the story. I haven´t thought about the clock in any moment. On the contrary, I have enjoyed every minute. The more I know about Shakespeare, the more I want to learnt about his work. Not only is this a marvellous play but also the actress and the actors have leave me dumbfounded with their perfomance. I have no words. (And we´ve also had a daffodil).

Noemí 5ºB dijo...

The last comment is mine.

Roberto dijo...
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Roberto dijo...

Impressive! There are no words expressing how much I enjoyed the play, firstly, because Shakespeare’s keeps puzzling me with his talent to show every single feature of human identity not only from one side but by pointing all possible perspectives. If I had to choose what part of the play I liked it most I would not know which one though I loved how "the Master", with just some words, settles the story 16 years later. And the “statue scene” is overwhelming as well. What about the directing and performing? Sam Mendes deserves being considered as a very good film director and you can see how he masters the technique: usage of light, “photography”, scenery… It seemed as if you were the camera and he were shooting by means of our eyes. All the characteres were very good despite the american accent.

“If this be magic, let it be an art lawful as eating”


Paloma dijo...

Superb!!!!! After what Carmen, Noemi and Roberto have just said, it’s very little what can be said. I agree with all of you. Last night we saw “The Show”, we watched “ART” people in the stage, the director, the musicians….. All of them proved to be “Artists” and not only actors. That is why I get really angry when that, for me, unpresentable woman, called Pilar Barden says “we the artists” or I find in the papers “The King invited some artists” and I see her or her “colleagues”. They are not artists at all, they are unable to perform art as we saw yesterday. They should learn. Then, as they don’t know how to make things really well, they think that using not scenery, changing texts, etc. they can hide their inability. I know I’m being harsh but I’m tired of mediocrity. Moreover on Sunday and yesterday I’ve enjoyed two very different kinds of plays, performed by two very different companies, and I loved both and both were in English and performed by Anglo-Saxon people. After two years going to the theatre I’ve really enjoyed only one play: King Lear, and even then the main actor was from Argentina!!!!

María dijo...

It´s going to be difficult that we like next plays. It is the only thing I can add after reading your post. The greatness we saw yesterday makes smaller Spanish works. What are we doing now??? Do we have to be happy with "our art"??? I am tired of seeing bad things to appreciate still more the good ones!!
To see that play is not so good! Because now we don´t want the bad, which the usual we have here!

"If I had a mind to be honest, I see Fortune would not suffer me".
Ethan Hawke was brilliant yesterday, not having shined in the cherry orchard.
Leontes, absolutely great; Paulina, great; shepherd and son, great. The scene, the trial.

marta dijo...

Yesterday we WENT TO THE THEATRE AGAIN. The play was fantastic and they did a fantastic performance, in my opinion better than the other even.
The acting was dynamic, slow, funny, serious, I mean they can do anything and everything. You are transported to the magic world they are portraying you believe everything to be true. It was perfect. I´m so glad the 5ths went and so sorry my 4ths missed it, you can´t understand the theatre if you don´t see this.
The public recognised the perfection by giving a very deserved standing ovation. I wonder at those who gave the horrible Hamlet in Matadero, the same ovation. I suppose none of them were there or they would have felt ashamed, no doubt.
When will our actors and directors learn??

Lidia 5º C dijo...

I've read the posts and it's difficult to add something more. However, some Spanish actors are also great.
Ethan Hawke was absolutely superb, He was a discovery for me.

Anónimo dijo...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!