lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

Designing our logo

Hi there! I was just on the other blog, and somebody has suggested both logos should use at least the same font, so the question is, should we try to change the font in the Theater logo to the font we used in the Reading Club logo? The other way round would not be suitable for the Reading Club logo, I suspect, but... ??? Should I work on it and then create a poll to check what you like best?

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marta dijo...

Hi, I think you are the creative one in the department,so you know best,....but I wouldn´t change Mishy-t, i.e. the theatre logo, it is just great. Mishy-r, i.e. the theatre logo, will have to adapt itself to the other! What does everybody think?

Joao dijo...

Thinking about design!

Check out these ideas for designing our logo:

It has to be simple. Very Simple.
It has to be direct. Very Direct.
It has to be “an easy understanding” logo.
It has to link Words and Worlds.

And always remember: “Less is more”

Carmen dijo...

Our mishy-r. is great! we can´t delete it!! It´s warm and cosy and creates a suitable atmosphere! I refuse point blank to substitute it for the theatre logo, perfect for what it is, but not for reading. We have to have both. If you want we could have a common one and both for each different secton. Poor Michelle! You must be fed up with us! but.... we can´t do it without you!

michelle dijo...

Hahahah, oh no! It's all great! I don't mind. I love exploring. We can have a logo for each day of the week! hahahahah... I'm still rumiating ideas, so they're all welcome. And we'll surely keep both, it's just we can explore anyway, just in case we find something better!
A huge hug, my dearest colleagues :)

EOIGoya_Inglés dijo...

OK, we just fixed the logo-thingy on our Reading Club blog. Thanks everybody for sending in your suggestions and for casting your votes.

Have a nice holiday!

Anónimo dijo...

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