miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2008


The two tags we have created here are: "outings" and "community" (do you agree? Is this enough, or useful?) - in "community" I'll include an upcoming thread for Old Students to say hello and then all the threads we used to create the blog and the logos. From now on, whenever we teachers write a message, we have to add one of these words in the tag slot just below the box where we type messages. Then, all of us blog users, when we click on any of these two words on the side column we'll get all the messages that have that tag.
Post your comments! :)

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marta dijo...

Michelle the tags are wonderful. I think that´s exactly what we want, we can see all the plays we´ve been to during the year, thanks very much for everything you´ve done. It´s a great work and we would have never done it without you, you are great! And you have done it all for the department and for us thanks!