sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

"ARMS AND THE MEN", Bernard Shaw

DIA: 16 Abril, viernes
HORA: 8pm
IDIOMA: Inglés
COMPAÑIA: Madrid Players

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Anónimo dijo...
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Ana Martínez Esteban A1 S dijo...

I was seeing Bernard Shaw’s play “Arms and the man” last Friday. The play, performed in original version, was interesting and funny despite having the war between Serbia and Bulgaria as a backdrop. Although I couldn’t understand every word of the play, I believe that I got to grasp nearly the whole.
I believe that in this play Shaw intents to satirize the military heroes. He breaks the social rules when Louka, the maid, gets to engage with Sergius, the military hero.
In my opinion all the actors were very well, the seniors specially. I liked the play too because the ending was lucky, everybody was happy.

marta dijo...

Ana Mª a very wise comment, I agree with you, I liked the play too very much. It was really entertaining and funny although a criticism of war. Some of the actors, amateurs, were better than some of our professional ones. I enjoyed it greatly.

Carmen dijo...

I quite liked it!! The text was very funny, the acting really good for amateurs, some of them were not as good like the boyfriend, but on the whole a success. Easy to follow, even though there weere no subtitles, and the only problem was the noise, not the best place to put up a show, though convenient for transport.
The staging was poor but the dresses were very good!!!

Mercedes AV1D dijo...

I liked a lot the play, character’s BLUNTSCHLI was who I liked the most of them, I don’t remember actor’s name but he was fantastic, his face’s expression was extraordinary.
I had read the play before to see it and I was able to follow it, the actors spoke slowly and they vocalized perfectly so it was easy to understand them.
I didn’t hear noises but it was very cold, it was a little bit uncomfortable for me.
I didn’t like the dresses, from my point of view they have to worry about this, it is possible the cost would not be higher but the effect should be better.
But, anyway I liked they play in general, it was funny and it was worth to see it

Mª A 1-S dijo...

I had a good time in the theater last Friday. What surprised me most was that a amateur company would be able to show such a quality. Not only were the actors well, but also the costumes and others details,as the sound of the shoots or the candle's light. Although there were some "jokes" that I didn't find funny, in the whole it was a good play.