viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010


TEATRO: Español, Pl. de Santa Ana
DIA: 13 Enero
HORA: 8pm
PRECIO: 16.50e

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Carmen Segura 5ºC dijo...

I would like to write about other play that I saw last Saturday and I need to comment it to you.



Are you a mother? Go to see the play.

Are you a son or a daughter? Go to see the play.

One evening in autumn, if you have fond memories of other times,go to see the play.

Perhaps you feel sad, worried, nostalgic… go to see the play.

You will laugh and cry and leave the theatre with tears falling but happy.

It is a positive play. It is a journey into the heart.

The past and the present are mixed and the play goes beyond our time and our reality.

The play is eternal and you can recognize your own story with people you love, especially both your mother and your children.

The performance is wonderful. It is the best play I have ever seen.

It is worth going to the theatre from time to time for the oportunity to find a masterpiece like this. I recommend it to you.

It is written by Michel Tremblay, born in Montreal, 25 June 1942. He is a novelist and playwright.

I have engraved forever in my memory the names of the two great actors: Miguel Ángel Solá y Blanca Oteyza.

Carmen Segura

María dijo...

I wish I could go! I saw, five years ago?, a play called "El diario de Adán y Eva", performed by those you mention and I absolutely loved it. You don´t actually find performances like theirs in Spanish theatres... unfortunately. Though, it is two years since I don´t see plays in Madrid!!!!! Except for one last Christmas, but I cannot even remember the title. Carlos Hipólito was one of the cast. He is good, but Solá is better, even though he is Argentinian... You know why I say this... Do you remember Juan Diego Botto as Hamlet? It was glorious, wasn´t it?

carmen segura 5ºC dijo...

Only the beginning of the play has irony and it is a bit interesting. Then the play has too many people, it lasts too much time and it has lack of interest.

Anónimo dijo...

Intermediate II B
Mar Bertolá
Last tuesday we went to the Español theatre to see the play “Beaumarchais” who is the author of "El barbero de Sevilla" and "Las bodas de Fígaro" and it resumes life in France during XVIII century.
Flotats, the director and also the principal actor, is in this play Guitry and Beaumarchais. The stage was replaced by virtual sets printed in a book witch pages were changed slowly.

María Jesús AI-E dijo...

Although I like very much the director and actor Mr. Flotats, and the play was very well acted by all the actors and with a very very nice setting and dressing, I found it quite bouring and the only good thing for me was to know about the first caracter, the writer Beaumarchais, because I didn't know anything about his life.

Another good point is that this play says much about the French Revolution's period and it is another example to be consider in our next week, with the lecture, and the films we are going to see.

marta dijo...

I agree with what you say about the play, basically. I found the play entertaing but a bit long, the text is good at the beginning and it has some interesting comments but it is not a great play. It needs a cut of at least 20minutes. The clothing was fantastic and I liked how they showed photos and the passing of the pages to show how time went by.
What was the use of Marie Therese? She seemed to be important but she was not really was she?
However on the whole I think it is worth seeing.

Isidro dijo...

I also think that the play should have been lightened, stripping of the descriptive aspects to make it more dynamic. For example, I think that it was not necessary to dictate all his deeds to his biographer. Nevertheless, the play attracted my attention at all times, and Flotats’s performance was admirable.
Moreover, I think that the projection of photographs of luxurious rooms on the back of the stage gave the illusion of depth and produced a very relaxing effect, and this grandiose setting was the ideal place for the elegant clothes of that time.
Finally, as the time of the play is the same as the one of the “Tale”, When I saw the play, I had more interest than in normal circumstances, because I saw the king with the large jaw and the queen with a large face, and I fancied I was going to see Monseigneur the Marquis at any moment in king’s palace, or Mr Manette in the same prison as Beaumarchais.

Carmen dijo...

For me it was a disappointment!!! Ok, it was well acted,ok the costumes were gorgeous, but quite honestly the text was incredibly disappointing for. I´m afraid that the interest it bore for me was connected with a tale.

I did like the combination of video and theatre.

Carmen a very good post on the play you saw, very convincing, you have drawn a post from María, in England!!!