martes, 18 de enero de 2011

"UN BOBO HACE CIENTO" (Atonio Solís Riva de Neyra)

TEATRO: Pavón (C/ Embajadores 8)
DÍA: 23 Marzo (miércoles)
HORA: 8pm

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Anónimo dijo...

Artistically, I entitled you all again. After my prolonged presence in the forum is not, I could not find the shibboleth to your noachian vignette and started a new one. I'm pleased as punch that I am again with you.

Anónimo dijo...

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Anónimo dijo...

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marta dijo...

Well I don't know what all those weird mistakes mean, but I have to say that the play was awful!!!!
What on earth was the director thinking about? The Bobo was indeed so but one felt foolish too as I could not understand the plot and I was not the only one! Many people told me they didn't understand it either or that it was difficult for them to follow it.
The music also was quite out of place and made the play even more difficult to follow.
Well I don't think anybody liked it, though people clapped at the end which was indeed a surprise.

Carmen dijo...

possibly the worst play we have seen this year. The text was unclear, the actors vulgar, noisy and cheap, a real shame that we feel, in this country, that we have to be coarse and uncouth when we want to excel.

Carmen Segura 5ºC dijo...

I agree with you Carmen.

My comment is about another play:


I saw a play last weekend. Although it is interesting, I do not recommend it to a lot of people. The play is divided into three parts, three reflections about sanctity. The stage is a central corridor with spectators on each side very near the actors.
The first story is about a missionary accused of murder. She tried to defend her child. The second part , which I did not like at all, talked us about sacred objects. The third part is the most emotional for me, perhaps because I admired the person that they were talking about, Edith Stain. She was a Jewish woman who became a catholic nun and she was murdered in a concentration champ by the Nazis. The dialogue between her and the police in prison permits us to know her history.
It is not easy to make a play about sanctity and to reflect about mystery, transcendental life and people enduring sacrifices to help theer neighbour. I tell you, Edith Stain is a special soul. She is considered the most intelligent woman in the last century and it is always interesting to know something about her. Even though, I can not recommend the play to many people.