jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

"FALSTAFF", Shakespeare

TEATRO: Valle-Inclán (Pl. de lavapiés)
DÍA: 14 de Abril
HORA: 8.30pm (duración hasta las 12am)

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Car,em Segira 5ºC dijo...

I would like to recommend to you the play: Forever young
It is a musical comedy. The songs are very famous and very successful pop and rock English music, mixed with Spanish songs.
It is directed by the TRICILE which means the direction is very good and the performance and the musical events have the same quality.
The stage presents a room in a residential centre for old people. It is very sad to notice the problems that old people have. They have lost their movements and their minds.
But they like to revive the past, which is very tender and amusing.
The moral is that all of us are getting old. To get old is not easy and we have to face a lot of problems so the best we can do is to live in the present the best we can.
We have to be happy with every moment and shouldn’t allow anybody to bitter our lives.

Carmen dijo...

thanks Carmen for your words. Well explained, I´ll try to go, but seem to be in a whirl of activity versus inactivity!!