miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

MACBETH (William Shakespeare)

HORA: 8.30PM (1.30 DURACIÓN)

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Carmen dijo...

Well, I have to say that on the whole I enjoyed the performance, though the actor playing Macbeth (josé Tomé) was definetly not a good one, he lacked the strength expected of a man capable of killing men women and children for his own beefit.
Pepa Pedroche in her role as Lady Macbeth was better at the beginning but as the play progresses she comes out more of a failure since she does not manage to put across clearly that she was also repentent, that she had suffered a transformation from strength to weakness owing to romrse.
The choir was wonderful, but the mixture of voice and the very effemite (naturally, as it was a girl and not a man performing Malcom) comes forth as a hysterical squeak, more than as the voice of a future king, who seems to have had all the attibutes of a good one in a previous scene. I don´t think Belén de Santiago was a good cast.
Most of this can be put on the director, Helena Pimenta, I wonder if she falls short of her fame, but when you deal wit Shakespeare let him talk, don´t try to show yourself off (Pimenta) but him (Shakespeare)
What can I say about the text? marvelous.