miércoles, 11 de junio de 2008

Summer outings!

Use this thread to organize your outings to the theatre this summer and comment the plays!

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Tengo 7 entradas para Macbeth, si quieres ir házmelo saber antes del lunes 23.


marta dijo...

This is a very good idea, Michelle you think of everything!!! The other day we went to see the importance of being Ernest. It was not good though the people enjoyed it. They set it in this century and that spoiled everything, it was not very easy to believe, I don´t recommend it they´ve done a bad job of Wilde´s best play.

Roberto dijo...

in spite of not having read it, I enjoyed the play, though, it is plain that having being settled in our epoch, the text may loose many of their qualities. What I really did not like it was the fact that sometimes people laughed when something funny was said clearly with the purpose of giving to the story a current meaning.

María dijo...

Generally, every adaptation of classic pieces of work uses to be bad. I must admit I´ve not read The importance... so I can not be as "angry" as you. I laughed, but also I felt ashamed in some hot scenes because of the child audience... I hope Lady Macbeth be better.

Some extra information: Firstly, have a look at Festival de Teatro de Mérida program(there is a Shakespeare´s play). And secondly, does anybody want to see Gloria Gaynor on 2nd July at Conde Duque?

marta dijo...

Good news about Merida, thanks, it must be very beautiful,those of you who are near, try to go!

María dijo...

Yes, it is a very good news: The play is "Timón de Atenas" which is performed from 6th to 10th August (20-25€, how cheap!) More information: www.festivaldemerida.es

michelle dijo...

Wow! I'd love to go to the Mérida theater! I was there last summer, because I was traveling to Portugal, but the theatre was closed and we had to continue our trip.

Seeing a play there at night must be amazing!

Gloria Gaynor! Wow! Hahahah... If I could actually shake my body I'd go! :)

Tomorrow morning we're moving out! Fortunately, we hired some professionals to do it all! Still, I'm knackered. I've been trying to help with packing for the last week! I'm telling you this because I won't have access to the Internet for a few weeks, I suppose. Who knows. So if you write to me and see I don't reply, it's just that I haven't seen your message yet.

Have a nice day! :)

Hopefully, the football people will allow us to sleep? Gee, I hope the Oposición people don't have an exam tomorrow... I still remember that nightmare! Why is happiness and celebration so loud in Spain? I wish they weren't!

marta dijo...

I didn´t go but Carmen has told me the play was very good, so if anybody sees this go and see Macbeth if you can