viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008

Getting ready for our new academic year!

How was your summer? Are you ready for the new year?
You can leave your hello messages here, if you like.
For people doing resits, best of luck!
For all, we hope you enjoy your new course with us! Plus the on-line resources we offer you: a brand new webpage, our 3 marvellous blogs and a little on-line forum!

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María dijo...

Hi!! There is a play: Bajarse al moro at Muñoz Seca Theatre. For people under 25 they give a 50% discount.
I´d recommend these plays wich are performed now: "El Brujo" and "Troyanas". You can buy cheaper tickets at Atrapalo.

Enjoy yourself!

marta dijo...

Hi, everyone. I´m afraid I have the blues which on the other hand I unfortunately always get in September, so I am not in the mood for all these exciting prospects, and I must get into it because this has to be a fantastic year and we have many things to do. I´m no longer the Head of the Departament but that is not a problem because Cristina is going to be a fantastic one, you know her and she is very nice. I´ve heard the Troyanas was very good, and I want to organise the one in el Bellas Artes for October it´ll soon be up but give me a bit of time. I´m VERY SAD Michelle has left but she is going to be with us in the blogs and webpage. Have you seen it? It is fantastic! All her doing, she´s been the best thing happening to the department in years. Michelle, I know you are going to be there (and don´t you dare leave us!) We can´t do it without you! You are part of it, no matter how far you are, in all this you are with us forever and ever.

roberto dijo...

El Brujo is said to be a very good play actor.

I will try to get some moree information about the issue.

Thank you!

roberto dijo...

"more", sorry.

María dijo...

I´ll see El Brujo on 25th September, if you want to come with me and some friends of mine

María dijo...

I was wrong yesterday, Roberto: It is tomorrow that I´ll see El BRujo! Next thrusday will be the day I´m seing "Troyanas". So if you want to come with me, run!! ;)

roberto dijo...

This week I cannot go.

I will try it for the next one.

As for the film of Woody Allen's, I'm arranging the meeting on Friday because it is that day that we will know the theatres in which the film is on release.

María dijo...

I can´t go on fridays. But it doesn´t matter, go you and then we´ll comment it, ok??

roberto dijo...

María, I meant that until Friday
you don't know the cinemas in which you can go to watch the film.

The meeting is on wednesday, isn't it?

María dijo...

Sonata de Otoño is very good play. Not only do I want to go to see it, but also the one which is performed at Abadia until 5th October: "La tortuda de Darwin" by Juan Mayorga, with Carmen Machi.

I´m so glad Marta continues thinking of organising outings to the theatre!! We know how hard work is, Marta, and thanks for that. That´s something more that makes our school be the best!!

María dijo...

a very good play, I wanted to say...

Anónimo dijo...


I want to see both plays (Sonata de Otoño y La tortuga de Darwin)!
Yes Roberto, cinema next wednesday!


Anónimo dijo...


María dijo...

Sonata de Otoño is going to be organised by EOI-Goya I think, so we could wait for them... Don´t you think so?

Now a new theatre season begins and there are many plays worth seeing it. The other day I was to see "Una noche con el Brujo" and I enjoyed it very much, despite the fact of some part was a little more boring... What is true is that he´s a very good actor with a huge capacity of improvisation.

Next thursday I´m seeing (and maybe Roberto too) "Las Troyanas". Critics are very good, so I hope it be a nice play, as almost every play at Matadero is used to be.

Another recommendation for those theatre lovers (it is not a conventional play, you must see much theatre plays before...): "Barroco". I saw it last year and now it´s being put on again. Probably it was one of the best plays I saw last year. It´s a complicated one, but very well performed by Blanca Portillo and Asier Etxeandia (very handsome, girls!!). If you could go, comment it here, because I´ve got curiosity, I recommended the play several times to much people who then has said that they didn´t enjoy too much, while I loved it!!

Of course, there are more plays that sound like success, but I don´t want to seem La Guía del Ocio! Enjoy the theatre!

Oh, I forgot it: "Hamlet" is going to be performed in December!!

Roberto dijo...

I'm sorry María I am unable to go to the theatre on Thursday.

maria dijo...

ok. see you tomorrow at the cinema.

SILVIA dijo...

Hi,I´m Silvia,
I,m trying to find tickets for all the plays you recommend,but it´s not being easy.I went to see "En la cama,a different one(all the play develops in a hotel´s bedroom)with nudes included!but the script is not a good one,the voice of the male actor is ridiculous(he´s a cuban trying not to be it).I don´t think it´s worth going.

maría dijo...

It is not a play, but...:

Event: Concert for string, wind instruments & piano
Day: 9th October
Hour: 8 p.m.
Place: Canal de Isabel II, Plaza de Castilla Station.
Prize: 0 €

Enjoy yourself!!

Anónimo dijo...

I think it is the English Department (Marta) who organizes the theatre outings for everybody, not EOI-Goya. Is this correct, or has it changed?

marta dijo...

Hi everybody! I´m sorry I haven´t organised anything and that there is no news from me but I´m afraid my father has fallen down and broken his hipbone. He´s doing fine and recovering but due to his age things are a little slow, so I´m in Santander and will be here in October and maybe November. But I´m sure that somebody will organise some outings to the theatre. There are some plays well worth watching and I´m sure Carmen will try, though she is also very busy with her work, family and father, but she is in Madrid and she will try. Lots of love I miss you and our outings but I hope I will soon be able to continue organising things love

maría dijo...

Oh, I´m very sorry about your father. I hope he get well soon. We also miss you, kisses

michelle dijo...

Dear Marta,
I'm sorry too. It's been great to read you. We miss you lots. Come back soon! Hugs and take care!

Silvia 5ºB dijo...

Hi,I´m really sorry to listen about your father´s bad news.They say is quite usual on that age.I hope he gets well soon.Be patient,he must be very happy having his daughter near him in these hard moments.
We have already started our "theater schedules" hahaha!that sounds very professional!!
See you soon at the EOI!!