viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009


TEATRO: Eapañol (Pl. de Santa Ana)
DIA: 10 Noviembre
HORA: 20.30

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marta dijo...

The play we saw yesterday was quite good, don´t you agree? I certainly liked it, the story was surprising and original, it was a tragedy but it had funny moments and the actors were good specially the 3 main ones. So a success, I don´t think we´ll see a better one or not many!

Marisa Álvarez 3C dijo...

Hi Marta! I totally agree with you. The play was terrific, I liked it very much because of the actors and their stories and also because of the "intimate" scene, very close to the audience. I laughed a lot although each character has a big personal drama, which sounds weird, but it's the way they tell us the story: hard situations with a touch of humor. I'm pretty sure we'll enjoy another play. This one was good but not the best I've ever seen, so let's see!

Mercedes dijo...

I liked this play very much. Good text, good actors and a good direction are the basis of theater. The staging was simple. Imagination maked up for the diferent place where the accion happened. Althought the story was hard I laughed a lot. I left the theater very glad.

carmen dijo...

I certainly enjoyed the play. The fact that we were so near the stage created a very special atmospher inside the theatre, a kind of connection between the audience and the actors, who, by the way were excellent, escept for the young man, he needs a bit more to be level with the others. All of them had tragedies in their lives and all of them tried to cope with them as best as they could. Real life, after all. It is amazing that we are surrounded by everyone´s dramas and that life moves on in spite of all of them. make the most of good times and have sense of humour all along!

marta dijo...

I´m very glad that we all liked the play, it was good indeed, let´s see if the next is good too.

María Jesús 3D dijo...

I saw Tercer Cuerpo last Wednesday. The play is really good, I enjoyed it. We see on stage five characters joined by loneliness, incomprehension, and the need of love. Five empty lives looking for something that gives meaning.
The stage is a cold, forgotten, unless and messy office, like them, but it survives in spite of everything and predicts their future.
An intelligent and tender play where the horror is mixed with humor.