jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009


TEATRO: Español (Pl. de Santa Ana)
DIA: 28 Octubre
HORA: 20.30

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marta dijo...

Hi, everybody here we start the season.! And a very good choice it is, I saw it last year and it was one of the best I saw so I´m sure you´ll enjoy it. It is not a comedy, so don´t expect a laugh.

carmen dijo...

We´ve had the first problem with the theatre, 40 booked and 55 signed up, we´ve already got rid of 10, but we need five more people to very kindly move to the next play, same company, on 10th Nov. See if we can sort it out on Monday. If the escorts don´t come (we ahve five) it works out really well!! We´ll see. Sorry folks, you never thought that the theatre could give anyone a headache, did you? It does!! I spent half an hour arguing with the theatre and they just did not do it for us!!

Susana Av2-A dijo...

What a good play, and what a good company!.
The play shows a family, the Coleman. But the Coleman are not a standard family. Apparently, nothing works in that family, even the house itself. They have been living together for a long time, but each member in the family has created his own world, his bubble, against the others.
I think the small room, in the Teatro Español, is a real good place to perform this play because the audience feels inside the Coleman's house.
I presume that "El Tercer Cuerpo" will be a good opportunity to see this company again.

violeta dijo...

Hi everybody!
I saw La omisión de la familia Coleman,was a very good play,wonderful.I laughed a lot,I really enjoy it.
All the actors played very well but my favourite was Marito.
Violeta Int.2C

María Jesús 3D dijo...

Members of Coleman family live in their claustrophobic house many of the family experiences we all have in our own families, because similar things happen in all families, although do not occur all at once. So, you feel psychoanaliysed to see played on stage by a younger actor.
The omission of the Coleman family is a tragedy, but treated grotesquely. It shows us the misery of the lives of six people who do their best to survive. Its existence is a bit absurd and selfish. Everything seems to go wrong, even seems that the roles are wrong: the grandmother seems mother, the mother seems younger sister... There is also a child with mental problems, another violent, an older daughter "almost perfect" who has two children hidden for years, perhaps for fear or embarrassment, an a younger sister, frustrated and victim. Besides, the home environment is decadent and pathetic, like them.

I liked the play and the actors a lot, and think their big omission is they have forgotten to love, so their greatest failure are themselves and their bleak future.

Carmen dijo...

A very good analysis, mª Jesús, I really should have liked to see the play, however I´ll be there for the next one."to see played" should have been to see yourself played

Teresa 3D dijo...

I think the play is smart, funny, quick and easy. The script is amusing but the plot is sad and hard.
Coleman family's members hope going out of the family.
Grandmother has looked after the family and, when she dead, the family is broken.
The cast includes good actors and actress. (I saw them last saturday when they was walking for Sol).
I enjoyed seeing the play and I think that Going to the theater is very interesting.