martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009


TEATRO: Español (Pl. de Santa Ana)
DIA: 15 Diciembre (martes)
HORA: 8pm
PRECIO: 13.50e (hay algunas butacas de patio 16.50)

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Carmen dijo...

I´ve liked the play quite a lot. The acting was good, Carlos Hipólito and the "Doctor" above the rest. I was really surprised by the second, he is amazingly natural on stage for a Spanish actor!!
The story is quite sad, it puzzles me that there is not one character which shows any good...only Hipólito´s intentions, to pay for his daughter´s treatment provides with some sort of excuse for his actions.

marta dijo...

I liked the play a lot although the story was terrible! Hipolito was the best for me and I´m sure this is one of the best plays we are going to see with Spanish actors, but I can´t help thinking that the Argentinians were much better, there is always something we lack when we act.
However it was dynamic and energetic and they transmitted the anxiety that they themselves felt.
They were all terrible, scavengers ready to take anything they could get. No wonder they study the play at university!

Ana 3C dijo...

I liked the play a lot. The end was unexpected for me, firs at all because the time went on very fast, and also because I was expecting for another sort of ending, I don’t know, maybe something that had made the play not as hard and sad as it was.
All the actors were very good, and I agree with you, Hipólito was the best. I liked also the stage and how quickly it changed.
I am so glad to have the opportunity to go to the theatre quite often and very convenient to get the ticket in the class, it is perfect. Thanks you for that.

marta dijo...

Ana I´m very glad to read your comment it is nice that you appreciate the effort the department does, specially Carmen´s who is organising it, in getting the tickets etc. Thanks for saying so.
Yes the play was terrible and it is awful to think that some people are like that in their work and attitudes, but that´s life. It is just horrifying when we see it before our eyes.

Susana dijo...

I agree the acting was really good. The actors perfectly pass on to the audience the tension and the anxiety among the group of salesmen. They made me feel uncomfortable at some point.
I liked the scene when Carlos Hipólito reproaches Ginés García for his clumsiness and lack of loyalty, it shows the big contrast between the values that the salesmen apply to their group and those which they apply to their customers, who are often deceived or pressed.
I noticed how different the character’s suits were. I think they were not so different by chance, they matched with each one. They perfect waistcoat of Gonzalo de Castro sharply contrasted with the careless outfit of “Moss”.
Thank you both Carmen and Marta for your efforts to keep the theatre activity.

Roberto dijo...

A very good play indeed. Gonzalo de Castro was superb in my opinion. His first speech was really well performed and you believed what he was saying, expressing it with confidence and naturality. I also enjoyed it because David Mamet gives us no rest at all during the whole play. You are always anxious to find out more about the characters all, why? Because you can see a fair portrait of our society, where people fight like hell to get what they are pursuing (materialism) without hestite to destroy others no matter what their personal condition might be.

Mª Jesús 3D dijo...

I agree with your opinions; the plot and the acting are good, the actors too, specially "Hipólito" and "de Castro", but all of them are cold and calculating. Their feelings are very selfish and they only think of themselves. There is not a bit of comradeship or solidarity between them; so I felt the play too abrupt.
Probably that's life and perhaps a lot of people have experiences like this every day.
I think the play showes a pessimistic view of the human being. Power and money corrupt people and carry them to the evilness.