jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

"LA ABEJA REINA", (Charlotte Jones)

TEATRO: Bellas Artes (C/ Marqués de Casa Riera, 2)
DÍA: 10 febrero, miércoles.
HORA: 8.30 pm
PRECIO: 16 euros

4 comentarios:

Susana 5ºA dijo...

Tonight performance has been one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Real pure theatre, in the classic sense, one of those plays which grow fondness for theatre. It deals with important subjects in life, family, love, friendship, loyalty, in a simple but not frivolous way. All the main issues’ development is honest and sincere, without unnecessary artifices. The staging is elegant, with a fresh garden that represents just a garden, far from those settings in which the audience has to imagine everything. The dialogues are fluent and well supported. Some remarks of the characters about the proper word to designate a group of beekeepers or a cloud of butterflies have made me wish I could see it in English.
I must say I have really enjoyed. Thank you Carmen, one more time, to support this activity.

marta dijo...

I must agree with Susana, a very good comment.
I enjoyed the play too, I liked the shoes, clothes, the atmosphere, I laughed sometimes it was entertaining and that is at least what we want to be when we go to the theatre.
There is something about the English and the theatre they do it wonderfully! They write well and they interprete it well. This play is an English play and it has something that makes it worthwhile.
The actors and actresses were... well Verónica Forqué is always herself but the character suited her, her boyfriend was for me the worst, but the others managed to make us spend a nice evening so fantastic...specially after the horrible one we saw in La Abadía.

Carmen dijo...

A very good comment, Susan.
I also enjoyed the play very much, though for me it was a weeny bit too long. I liked the reminiscens (I hope I got the spelling right) of Hamlet as I could recognize the lot...but this story is twisted so as to have a happy ending, where eventually Flora regrets her infedility and goes back to her forgiving..."ghost".
Verónica Forqué was quite good and her son tolerable, I think the unhappy spinster, who I suspect will come to a quick agreement with the vulgar boyfriend, should correct her phonetics, as she said "felis", but the staging was nice, the costumes looked expensive, for once, and we learnt things like not choosing the presents we give our girlfriends.... At last a good one!

Mercedes dijo...

Sorry! I disagree. I don´t like leaving the theatre before the end, but I went home thankful for the interval. Although I didn´t know the novel, the summary I had read seemed interesting. In my opinion, the performance was not believable. The stage was conventional, like the rest. I have a problem, I hope something else when I go to the theatre. For enjoy I prefer to have a drink with my friends.