jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

"LA RATONERA", (Agatha Christie)

TEATRO: Reina Victoria (C/ Carrera de San Jerónimo, 24)
DÍA: 17 febrero, miércoles.
HORA: 8pm
PRECIO: 12 euros

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オテモヤン dijo...


marta dijo...

Can you translate what you've written?? I am very curious but English or Spanish is what we understand.
Don't tell us who the murderer is, please!!!

Susana 5º A dijo...

Quite an amusing play!. I think all, children (we had many today) and adults, have had a good time. The classic but suitable staging lets the audience realize how the characters move inside the house. The old lullaby helps to set the frightening and scaring atmosphere.

Notwithstanding further virtues, the main excellence in the play lies in Agatha Christie’s plot. However the actors, particularly the main characters, lack, bare I say it, a more professional approach. The point may be that they are mainly TV actors not dramatic ones. I think that Maribel Ripoll as Miss Boyle comes out with the most solid performance.

marta dijo...

I agree with Susana, that though not fantastic Miss Boyle was the best, the other actors and actresses were not good, television is not the theatre, it is much easier, the theatre requires more effort and a different way of acting. It is sad to see how full the theatre was and how little is done on the stage and by directors to make the plays more worth it.
The play itself is fantastic as a thriller and the stage was nice, I think the window was a good idea, but I think it should have been more thrilling, more scary, I wanted to be frightened and I wasn't, so the atmosphere was not a success either.
However I enjoyed watching it. It is entertaining and well, I had a good time.

Carmen dijo...

I quite enjoyed the play, and though this is the third time I´ve sen it I had forgetten parts of it, I could remember who the murderer was but not the policeman...the other ones I saw were more frightening.
As to the actors, I liked the teacher.landlady, and the rest were not much. The window onlooking the snowed garden was good in my opinion, but i missed a more scary atmosphere.

Marisa Álvarez, 3ºC dijo...

Hello folks! From my point of view, the best thing of this play was Agatha Christie's story. I liked the setting, it was very appropriate, with the snowing window and all that stuff but the acting was awful. I got bored in some moments for their lack of expressivity. I agree with Carmen, I liked the teacher, and I also agree with Susana and Marta in the point that the mayority of the actors were from tv shows and I always notice that.