viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

"AS YOU LIKE IT", (Shakespeare). The Bridge Project

IDIOMA: INGLES (Subtitulos en Español)

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carol dijo...

Hi mates!I went to see this play yesterday and I didn´t like it a lot. There were magic moments, for example, when Rosalind, dressed up like a man, was sweet-talking with Orlando. In my opinion, this scene is so beautiful because of the language and the theatrical play.
Shakespeare is always Shakespeare, but it is not one of his most perfect plays and he knew it because he resolved the end with a monologue not to prolong the play with more scenes.
I didn´t enjoy it a lot, firstly because it was very very long and they were too much correct not cutting scenes which were written for specific situations and nowadays they are not helping to the rhythm. And, always under my point of view, they were too correct in their bet, they didn´t take risk acting, with the transitions... So my impression was cold and bored in general.
About the actor, they were ok. There was pleasure in the word, and it was fantastic to see old people, like the servant, with his energy and his spirit of play. I liked a lot Jacques. But the two main characters, Rosalind and Orlando, are a bit weak in my opinion. It´s curious because when you see an actor playing in another language which is not yours you put more atention in his body and you find out through it when he is lying and making his feelings. Besides, the actress was acting changing her voice and I was suffering because at the end she had difficulties.
I had seen Winter´s tale last year and I had enjoyed it, maybe this is the reason why I was hoping more this time.
It was good and correct but I prefer other vision about Shakespeare of other English companies like Cheek by Jowl.

marta dijo...

Carol, I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the play so much. You are right that the play is not as good as the Tempest or other Shakespearean's comedies but still I'm sure that they could have made more of it. You are a good judge no doubt so I'm sure they could have made a better job.
Are you going to go to the Tempest? A student has written that it was very good.