viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

"THE TEMPEST", (Shakespeare). The Bridge Project.

TEATRO: Español (Pl. de Santa Ana)
DIAS: 5 Mayo- 9 Mayo
PRECIOS: 6€-28€
IDIOMA: Inglés (subtítulos en Español)

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María Jesús 3D dijo...

I went to see the play yesterday; a good decision!. I think that The Tempest is the perfect finale to this season.
I'm right if I tell us that The Tempest is the best one that I've seen for a long time. The acting is perfect; all the actors are good (the old and the young actors), and they're very complete because as well the sing, dance and play instruments; and all fit very well without stridency.
I like the begining a lot; since this moment you're trapped by the magic.
And Shakespeare is always current; this time with a hymn to the freedom, the understanding and the pardon.
Two hours and a half go very quickly although I had to read all the subtitles.
I wish they would go back next year and I wish I could see them again.

Thank you to Carmen and the Department for this year of theatre.

marta dijo...

What a very nice comment MªJesús, we are going on Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing it.

SOSIAS dijo...

I saw the play yesterday too, and I really liked it but I have to say I prefer the casting of the last year, this one was not so spectacular than the last year.

I loved the staging, it was incredible, all the actors on the stage all the time, the musicians... I agree with the begining, the way they play the tempest is amazing.

Carmen dijo...

I agree with you, the actors were not as a group as magnificent as last year´s, however i have to say that I really liked Prospero, he was the very best by far.
It was a pleasure to see, very well acted and I liked the staging, too.
I would have liked to have a recess, too, which would have made the length of the play easier for the audience.
I´m always amazed to see how relevant Shakespeare is to us currently. We saw what the absence of responsibility results in, as Propero was more interested in his studies than in his subjects, thus, this mistake he makes breeds the ambition of his undeserving brother, the loss of Milan at the hands of Naples and the sadness of twenty years after which lapse of time Prospero has learnt his lesson, which is also a lesson of forgiveness.
on the whole great, possibly the best i´ve seen this year, excepting for the ones I´ve seen in London.