viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

"El MERCADER DE VENECIA", W. Shakespeare

TEATRO: Alcazar
HORA: 8pm
DÍA: 14 Abril

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marta dijo...

I must say that I didn't like the play very much it was so slow!!! It is a pity that they didn't make the most of that play which is one of the best comedies that Shakespeare wrote.
Most of the actors lacked enthusiasm, Graciano was too old, the ladies.... and how about Basanio in that horrible hat? Antonio was the worse Antonio I've seen and Shylock destroyed the famous speech in defense of the Jews, but Shakespeare is always worth going to so I'm glad I went.

Carmen dijo...

I liked the play! I think it is a great opportunity to see Shakespeare and I want to look at the positive side of it, that is those of you who went to see it have seen it!!!
Was it fantastic? well, no. The Jew was undoubtedly the best but he lacked the ability to convey feeling. most of the audience felt pity for him when he should have made himself hateful, after all when given the possibility of getting back his money all he wanted was Antonio´s flesh, thus death. Portia was pretty but she was vulgar, better for "la Ilustre fregona" than for a medieval lady. She also moved to much, she was too loud!! She just did not grasp the essence of what Portia was. As for the rest Bassanio was not fit be called "an actor" and Gratiano was by far too old!!! Jessica...well the less said on that subjest the better. Can´t we find suitable actors in this country? I know it is not easy, but come on, there must be some somewhere...
The staging was tolerable and the costumes were ok, provided that you overlooked that two of the actors were dressed in exactly the same wasy!!!!
The Bridge project will be different!

Rosa Intermediate dijo...

Good morning.

I have read the two plays by Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest. I didn´t like them very much, because the things concerning posh fancy girls and litle cute gentelmen at the Edwardian Era doesn´t have much to do with me, and, I think, with the problems or thoughts of people of our days. I prefer The Merchant of Venice, beacuse I think it´s about more universal topics. I find more interesting works about people that have to fight against their destinies, or that have to preserve their lives. But it worths to read Wilde´s plays, because they are plenty of ingenious sentences and they are very well written. Altough The Merchant is not one of my favourites plays by Shakespeare, I would like to have seen the film with Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino.
I think is quite interesting to see the play before have read the text, because you can see thinks that you haven´t imagine. I can´t judge this stage production, but i think it was very accurate. I don´t know why they are going to remove the play a month before they expected.

Carmen dijo...

Rosa thank you for your comment. Yes, I think it is quite interesting, always, to read plays, novels, poetry from whichever time. We may find ourselves to be living in those circumstances, but we eventually discover that the scenario changes but the characters, in essence differ little from us.

carmen 3º dijo...

Well, I want to say about The Merchant that although it is not the best play I have seen, however I think it wasn´t such as horrible as it was for you. Under my point of view I agree that the actress who played Porcia was so bad.She is better for a Tv serie than for theater, and even less for a Shakespeare play. I personally liked the performace that Fernando Conde played as Shylock specially the speech he gave, I think the interpretation was very good. And also was his wardrove. The rest of the character I didn't like so much either.

Carmen 3º