miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010


Teatro: Bellas Artes,
Día: 10 de Noviembre 2010,
Hora: 8.30pm, duración: 1'30h aprox.,
Precio: 16€

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Carmen Segura 5ºC dijo...

The performance is a wonderful monologue. The actor seems really Orson Wells and reflects very well the main moments in Orson Well’s life.
Even if you do not know him at the end of the performance you can realize how Wells was an important actor, director, screenwriter and producer who worked a lot and he was hailed as a prodigy.
His had many controversial situations and struggles with studios and his life was so active and the play shows us his miseries and his success.
The play attracts our attention all the time.

Manuela A1-C dijo...

I really like the play. Jose María Pou is a great actor who has played Orson Welles very well. You believe everything he says, really he seems Qrson Welles. I would like to know more about him to enjoy more with the play. But as Carmen said when the play finishes you has a very good idea about Orson Welles’ life.

Cristina I 2 B dijo...

The plot was interesting, the actor was very well, it’s true that he seemed Orson Wells, although he sometimes said stupid things about women (it seems that everything it's true because it was recorded). But, I don’t know what happened with me that day, because although everybody says that they like the play it was a little bored for me.

Carmen dijo...

Very interesting and well-acted, a great success

Isidro dijo...

When Lucy met his father in the garret, it looked as if he were lost his head. But, taking into account that Mr Manette had passed eighteen years isolated and perhaps ill-fed, it is very likely that he were very depressed, and therefore he was so disconcerted, with the ravings of a disturbing mind.

We can imagine the distress and sorrow of Lucy when she saw the deplorable state of her father. What a sad encounter!!! In that moment Lucy had real reason to be shocked because she had found an unhealthy and helpless person rather than the strong personality that could give her the security that she has likely missed in his childhood.

The passage in which Lucy talks with her father in the garret, when they were left alone, is very emotional and romantic. But, in my opinion, the intensity of Lucy’s feeling in this scene is out of proportion, because she had never felt affection to his father previously, given that she even didn’t know that he lived. Perhaps I be a very cold person, but I think that if I had been in the place of Lucy I wouldn’t have been able to feel so much affection as she showed to her father.
Nevertheless, in my opinion, the father’s intense emotion is perfectly justified, because it is likely that the encounter with his daughter have awakened in his mind old tender feeling already forgotten.

As to Mr Lorry, I think he was very worried when they climbed the stairs, not only for Lucy but for his own reaction. Because his “spirit grew heavier and heavier” and he had to stop twice to rest. So, it is possible that when he said to Lucy: courage, dear miss!!, he should also seek to give courage to himself. Therefore he said: “Let our good friend here assist you on that side”. But Mr Defargue didn’t catch this allusion, and Mr Lorry had to lift Lucy and help her to get into the garret, and held her clinging to him. In my opinion, both of them needed each other!!!!

Isidro dijo...

I’m sorry.

When yesterday I went to post my last comment, I entered into this window, thinking that it was the one of the novel, and I posted here my comment. It happened because I had several windows open in my computer and the page of the theatre club, when it is deployed, is similar to the one of the novel.
Carmen, please, could you delete my comment? Thank you.

Isidro dijo...

I agree with all of you in which Jose María Pou achieves a very good performance.
I appreciated very much the use of the magic to illustrate what occurs in a play and in a film. In the magic the viewer lives an enchantment because he sees as real something fantastic. And it is possible because he only knows one aspect of the realty.
In a play or in a film occurs something similar. In theatre like in magic, the enchantment is achieved in front of the viewer, the role of the actor is here very important and the technology don’t play an important role. While in a film the technology has much more importance and it has a greater degree of fiction.
In magic,as in theatre, the action takes place at stage in front of the viewer, who knows that the illusion is being created right there.While in a film,the illusion was created beforehand and the capacity of manipulation is higher, as we have seen in the case of the advertisements, in which Orson Wells has such a bad voice that the sound technicians says all merit is his.

Moreover, the play conveys a certain bitterness because it shows the decline of a genius that reached perfection at an early age and now, at his seventy years, he refuses to admit that his time has passed. But the passage of time is inexorable and even idols have to attend to its own destruction. And we know that the higher is the rise the harder the fall.