miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010


A. Miller.
Teatro Español, 26 de Octubre, 8pm.

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Isidro dijo...

This masterpiece of Arthur Miller is, above all, about the responsibility. But it is also about family, friendship, truth, love, honour, cowardice, despair, disease…
Most of our actions in life are irrelevant, but sometimes our elections define what we are and determine our future. As well, as we are not isolated beings, our conduct also affects others.
And this is what occurs on this wonderful play, where some people are placed in a difficult situation, because of the irresponsibility of one person in one moment of his live.
The beginning is confident and kind, but complications begin to emerge little by little and grow more and more until the final burst.

Carmen dijo...

I´ve liked the play and it was a pleasure to see the theatre packed, which proves that if the play is good the theatre is full. I would also like to add that if the acting is good the theatre is full, but sadly this doesn´t always follow. Anyway I liked tha play and I liked the acting....of some performers: Hipólito was good, specially in his quiet version of the beginning, that is as the tolerant father, friend, who receives neighbours to play cards and ex- daughters-in-law to be recycled in new daughters-in-law, but he was less real when he becomes the cold-blooded
"murderer" who sent to a sure death a group of no less than American patriots (I don´t think everyone understood the value that America places on her soldiers, given that in this country..it is not the same), on the ground that his wife and sons wanted money (what about himself? I think he was trying to share resabilities). The wife was less good, she had the voice problem common to most actors, so her role was a bit forced, i don´t think she got her tones as suited to her words as she ought to have.
The son came off sadly, we are not sure whethter he was soft or mad, and quite honestly muscles don´t go with stages, I mean Travolta was musclely, but he was playing a cheap vulgar italian, yesterday´s lot were meant to be quite well-off, don´t you think? He looked like a lorry-driver!!!
The girlfriend´s arms...had Don Quijote been in the theatre we would not have got to the end of the play!!!!
I liked the bitchy doctor´s wife, but more for what she said than for the way in which se said it; the silly wife got down her role with tolerable easy, making the audience believe her to be a "pretty blonde" and good, actually very American, the "good, silly blonde", happily this time a housewife and not a redeemed prostitute.
The plot about falling and trying to live with the sin, which is managed until something unexpected happens in the return of the ex-girlfriend, and thus the ensuing tragedy and the payment for what you did wrong.
I did not see any of my students at the end, but one. I imagine they were too impressed (any horrible skeletons in your cupboards???) or too tired and flew home.

marta dijo...

I really enjoyed the play. I think Hipólito was quite successful in the role, and the play fantastic. Miller is great