martes, 18 de enero de 2011

"UN TRANVIA LLAMADO DESEO" (Tenessee Williams)

TEATRO: Español (Pl. de Santa Ana)
DÍA: 3 Marzo (jueves)
HORA: 8pm
PRECIO: 16.50e

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marta dijo...

I must say I rather enjoyed the play. I think the stage was good the use of the screen was an asset.
I think the actresses were better than the actors, I didn't like tha Polish at all, he overacted the whole time and it was not credible for me.
Blanche was the best, in my opinion, but too old for the role. Maybe if the others had been older we would have thought it possible, but as it was, she looked more like the mother than the elder sister! Blanche was 35 in the play. This Blanche looked quite past that age!
It was a bit slow, but it didn't bother me, though some people said so.
I think the interval was unnecessary and by far too long

Carmen dijo...

I thoroughly enjoyed the play. I thought the acting was quite good, except for the husband, he was muscly, indeed, but that is all he had in common with savage Marlon Brando, we saw in the film. The story of the two sisters, one married and the survivor, and the other unmarried and a mixture between the victim and the star, is something that we can see every day around us...or can´t we? The sacrifice of the married sister proves to be futile on the face of the inamobility of the eldest sister, who knows that the only way out for her is marriage but fails too in securing poor, innocent Mitch.
Highly recmmendable.

Isidro dijo...

I enjoyed very much the play. Blanche’s arrival to his married sister’s home introduces a source of tensions in the couple’s daily life, because Blanche represents the values of glamor and high principles that are not in the world of the young couple, that conforms to live their life without great expectations.
The husband is a rude and primitive worker that can not bear Blanche’s superciliousness and her permanent, implicit or explicit, criticism of his lifestyle. And Stella suffered impotent because she intended to achieve an impossible balance between two incompatible worlds.
At the end, the storm bursts violently when it was discovered that the apparent superiority of Blanche was just a mask that hided a completely degenerate life full of frustrations.
I did not like Roberto Álamo performance, perhaps because I remembered Marlon Brando’s once in the film, that in my opinion was wonderful.

Mariana dijo...

I agree that Blanche makes a very good role and I also think that Stanley's character didn't live up. However I think that the age of Blanche gives more drama to the play. She has lost everything: her fortune, Belle Reeve, her family and above all her moral principles. Blanche has gone from being a young lady to be an ordinary woman. To make matters worse, she does not even have her youth to find a solution and the only thing that she can do is to try to find a husband desperately. I think this is terribly sad, especially because Blanche is the kind of woman who could be independent, even she had a job and yet she has to depend on the kindness of strangers.

marta dijo...

Mariana, didn't live up to the standard required?...even if she..,
A good analysis, though I also think that Blanche is in a way a victim of her education and up-bringing. I think she couldn't cope with seeing her boyfriend in bed with another man and she exposed him, causing in a way his death and she went mad with all that... what do you think?

Mariana dijo...

Hi, I’m sorry Marta, I had not read this blog until now. Yes, I think all the things you say affected Blanche but I think she would have similarly affected if her husband had been unfaithful with a woman. In my opinion, she was completely in love with him so any infidelity would have disturbed her, she would have thought that she was not sufficiently beautiful, young, perfect... She would have blamed herself because she was a victim, as you say, of her education.