sábado, 7 de abril de 2012


TEATRO: IS Cardenal Cisneros, C de los Reyes.
HORA: 7.30
DIA: 22 marzo
IDIOMA. Ingles, sin subtítulos

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Rosa Advanced dijo...

Good night:

I have just seen the Macbeth play by the Madrid Players. Do you want to know what I think about that? Well, if it was intended to be an amateur performance, it was not bad, if it was intended to be a professional one, it was not good. You can't compare it with Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood, or Orson Welles' Macbeth, or with The Propelers (who were in Madrid the last year and were fantastic)...but, at less, this Macbeth is better than the Roman Polanski's version (which is terrible, the scene with the witches looks like a hippie orgy with drugs of the sixties...and Lady Macbeth is naked in the sleepwalking scene, I don't know why...).
The actors were not bad (I like very much the guy who played Banquo, and Macduff), the voices were nice, the English was beatiful, the fight scenes (altough some people laughed at them)were actually pretty good...so did the costumes, altough they could have looked like more scottish...I was not bothered by the almost naked scenary (because, in the Ancient Greece, theatre was like that, with a tent in the middle of the scenery which was a palace, or a temple, or a hut, depending on the circunstances, and classic Japanese theatre, the Noh, is like this, without sets or having always the same: a painting of a pine, and because I think that, during the times of Shakespeare, many theatrical performances should have been like this)...but I have disliked many things of it. First, the Macbeths. He was not strong enough, and so did she, who, in addition, was chubby and behaved like a scared schoolgirl. He looked like Saint Joseph. They didn't looked like evil, they didn't seem loathsome, artful and ambitious...just a couple in distress, in their love nest, which, suddenly, starts to behave in a bad way whithout being really bad. Altough I feel they were not bad actors at all, I think they have been terribly miscasted. They were not loathsome,cruel, mean, ambitious... but they were not sympathetic. I did not understand Macbeth's behaviour, slapping his wife first, and, them, kissing her, and touching her butt. I dislike the romantic hint that they had tried to give the couple, lying death together, and all the things...What's the point of that? The are the Macbeths, not Romeo and Juliet or the Lovers from Teruel...This play is about ambition, not love. The dumby king, trying to flirt with Lady Macbeth,and looking her ass, in my opinion, was totally out of the point. We know that the king is weak and stupid (because of that, he is killed), but, even so, is a king, and must behave in a royal way. The moment during the feast scene...was very puzzling to me. I know they intended to represent that they were having fun, but...to play el corro de la patata...In the scene in which Banquo is murdered, one of the dead assasins rises...and goes out! It was not intended to be hilarious, but this is the effect that we get. The music, with the little flutes and the drums, in my opinion, was annoying and innecesary, and made difficult to understand the performers.

Rosa Advanced dijo...

But the worst thing of all, in my opinion, were the three witches (I don't know if this is always like this, but I had the feeling that, in this particular performance the actors were better than the actresses). They were not scary (I was thinking in the only witch that we have in Throne of Blood, who chills your blood), they were not tragic, they were not misterious, they were not ugly, they were not grotesque. They were just like characters in a cartoon film!They were irking, not prophetic, or fiendish... And I felt that the apparition scene, in which they produce, I don't know why, a Joker mask, was a little tacky. Even being amateurs with little money, I think they could have done something better. Which is a pity, because, in general, the performances were good, the gestures that make you comprehensible the action, the things that they suggest...In addition, the audience behaved very badly, not helping at all, making a lot of noises, and complaining because they didn't understand nothing. Come on, man, if you don't understand, go to home of to the bar, but do not bother the people who are really interested in the play.

Do I advice to watch this play? Theatre always has something special, that cinema doesn't have. In adition, if you are in the advanced level, you should watch some theatre in English, and Macbeth is one of the best things of Shakespeare (with Julius Cesar, in my opinion). And it is short, and entertaining, this performance doesn't result slow or boring. If you can go to watch this (you are still on time), go, but don't be as stupid as the people who was sit next to me, who didn't bother themselves in read the book or watch the film and did not understood anything, and, therefore, were all the time chatting to each others. And it's better than the Roman Polanski's version, as I said (which is to Macbeth, the same that Dario Argento's version is to The Phantom of the Opera).

Good nigth.