sábado, 7 de abril de 2012


TEATRO: Hall de la EOI Goya
HORA: 7pm
DÍA: 11 de abril
IDIOMA: inglés, sin subtitulos

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Rosa Advanced dijo...

Good nigth:

I have just seen the Reading of Dickens at the school, by the Lewisjones Comapny. Carmen said it was the best thing in theatre that they have seen this year. I don't know, because I have seen only Macbeth (check my commentaries below this part). Well, I also seen El perro del Hortelano, but it was not in English, and I didn't like it, so it doesn't count.
This one, at less, doesn't pretend to be better than it actually is. The voices were beautiful, and the English, nice. We have a slightly better organization than the one we had in the Elisa Tavern. They made several voices and characters without being ridiculous, which is not easy, in my opinion. Mar said that she felt the woman were better than the men: one of them looked like a real English housekeeper, and she was fine acting as the Aunt Bessie and Mrs Bardell. But I think the men were also very good, specially the one who played Mr Pickwick, who really recalled Mr Pickwick. The parts that I like the most were Great Expectations (perhaps because this is one of Dickens' stories more familiar to me), and the one about David Copperfield (I like very much when the aunt menaces Mrs Mursdtone with cracking her hat along with her head). The Pickwick Papers was also nice. The one that I liked the less is the one about A Christmas Carol, because I don't like this story, and also nothing happens during this part of the theatre.

It's very curious we had had this one, beacuse Dickens was very famous not only by his books, but for dramatizing readings of them. They were made mainly for economic reasons, they were a way of raising money, much in the way in which today they write the book, and, then, if it is successful, they make the film (this was common during XIX th Century, to make the famous novels into theatrical plays). But also, Dickens considered himself a frustrated actor, so, they liked to do that. And it was said he was very good.

Good nigth.

María Jesús dijo...

The Lewisjones Players acted in Elisa Tavern the last 12th and 27th of March. C/ Santa María,42 (Antón Martín)

It had been fantastic to see them again. What a pity!

marta dijo...

I have liked the dramatised reading very very much! It was fantastic to have them at the school! I really enjoyed it. They did it so well! And it was very funny too. It was not only the way they read that was outstanding, it was also the faces they pulled and the way they moved.
I was impressed too by how they could interprete all kinds of characters in whatever social group credibly. It is a pity that our actors and actresses are not good at this, I mean the professional ones!!
Thank you very much for the wonderful evening, to the performers and to Carmen.

María Jesús dijo...

I enjoyed a lot with the dramatised reading last Wednesday.
They are really good. It was amazing how they could change their range in a moment and turn into another character. It seemed that the characters were inside of them and they appeared easily only with opening their mouths. And all of them were perfectly credible and recognizable.
They achieved to create a special atmosphere, because in spite of being snippets of big novels, only with a few minutes of performance they immersed you in its essence.
It's possible when there're good players on the stage and Lewisjones company are very good.
I think than English actors have a gift for theater. Shakespeare could be the guilty.
Thank you very much to the Company and to organizers.

Belén dijo...

Good evening :
I´m going to tell you my opinion about the performance :A Dramatized reading of Dickens.
I agree with Marta and Mº Jesús.
The characters were fantastics, the manners seem to be very authentic,and his brilliant performance surprised me a lot, and their voices sounded as music , they pronounced very well.
Thank you very much to the company and organizers for your cooperation in cultural activities .

Belén dijo...

Good evening :
I´m going to tell you my opinion about the performance :A Dramatized reading of Dickens.
I agree with Marta and Mº Jesús.
The characters were fantastics, the manners seem to be very authentic,and his brilliant performance surprised me a lot, and their voices sounded as music , they pronounced very well.
Thank you very much to the company and organizers for your cooperation in cultural activities .

Esperanza Rodriguez (advanced) dijo...

Good evening: It was the joy of simple things! That was what I thought after watching the one and a half hour reading of Dickens' texts. No stage, no special effects, no fancy clothes, no scenery, no music, nothing the naked work, and it was more than enough for me to have a great time. I really enjoyed it and surprisingly I understood almost each and every word. Thanks a lot to all who made tha possible to happen.

nuria A1D dijo...

I've never attended to a dramatized reading, so I hadn't expected the actors to be characterized in any way. I found very effective those little changes of clothes, with which the actors advanced us which part they were going to play. I agree with my classmates that voices sounded like music. I could followed the reading since I had read the texts before, otherwise I couldn't say if I would have understand them. Anyway, I enjoyed a lot. Thanks to the organizers.

Carmen dijo...

Here am I finally managed to get here with all I have going on at the moment.
The event was a great success; I wouldlike to start by thanking the students and teachers who helped with the organisation of chairs, tables fixing and de-fixing the hall if you see what I mean.
The actors were remarkable, I agree with Mar that the women were outstanding the three of them, their voices so clear, their accents so good their expression superb, and well the men were also very natural if you see what I mean. I would like to congratulate Susannah on the editing, it was very good particularly in David Copperfield and Great Expectations, because we managed to have a bit of the story in there as well.
We sincerely hope that we can continue with this kind of activity next year and that Mr. Dickens will be pleased seeing that there are still many people who enjoy reading him.

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