jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

"LA LOBA" (Lillian Hellman)

TEATRO:Maria Guerrero DIA: 31 mayo PRECIO: 9-8e HORA: 8.30

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Rosa Advanced dijo...

Good nigth:

I have just seen The Little Foxes, the original title of this play. I didn't mean to go, but my aunt had a spare ticket, and I went.

The original title should be The Vultures, because that is what Regine and her brothers are: mean, ambitious, unsensitive, greedy, always ploting...And this is not a happy story, and there are not sympathetic characters here, because the one who is not weak, is wicked.

The problem is that, in this version, these actors play the whole thing like if it were a comedy...and people, in the audience, laughs! And it is not a funny story. This is a story about people without morals and principes, people driven by ambitions and rencors. I haven't liked the way in which they play this work, because they are very exagerated, very unnaturalistic, and they do if like if they were performing something comic. Nuria Espert is, indeed, a good actress, but, alas! she is not Bette Davies. In my opinion, she is perhaps too old for this role, and not strong enough. She plays it almost like if she were the aunt of provinces who want to have all the hens, or the mellons. Of all the performaces, the only that I have liked were Ben, Birdie, and James, specially Birdie and James. And the black nannie seemed a clone of Mammie in Gone with the Wind. The story is good, and if you haven't seen the film (which is better), you should go to see this, but, if you already know it, you probably would be a bit disapointed, just because of the actors, who are not strong enough for such a strong, even wild story.
The costumes and sets are not bad. If you are going, please, take your jackets with you, because in the theatre it's very cold, because they put the air conditioning at its all power.

Carmen dijo...

I have found just "tolerable". Nuria Espert is far from good, she is not natural, she acts, which in my opinion is what the audience should forget, that it is fake. The wife of the younfçger brother made thae audience laugh, very very deficient, but the scenario was gorgeous and the costumes very nice. nothing to do with the film, it somehow misses the point of what it really is about, selfishness and ambition, thus harsh and hard.