martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

Sonata de Otoño, Teatro Bellas Artes

Día 23 de octubre, jueves.
Hora 8.30-10.15 pm
Precio 18e

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marta dijo...

A very good choice I´ve heard it´s very good!

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

I already posted this commentary in Jane Eyre's blog but I was suggested to send it to this blog. So, here it goes:
I already was explained by somebody else that we will go to the theatre just to see good plays, even if they had no direct relation with English culture.
By the way: yesterday night I was coming out from the veterinary and I found myself walking across a crowd that was coming out from "Sonata de otoño". Most of the people looked quite happy and satisfied. Some were complaining of the pronuntiation and voice projection of some of the actors and actresses that was not good enough to make public understand all the text. Anyway I think we are going to enjoy it very much.

Days ago, also I posted this, and since I still think and feel that way, I post it again here:
I am very glad to be able to see Marisa Paredes. I think she fully deserves the Medalla de Las Artes that she received a few days ago, like most of the other personalities that received it. I am very sorry that one of them should not receive it, and giving it to him extend a bloody shadow over the Spanish Culture Ministry.

belen dijo...

Hello!!! I´m Belén (3ºB) and I´m on the waiting list of the tickets for this play.

I spoke with my one-month housemate and we decided to go to the theater, so we bought our tickets by internet.

See you on Thursday!!!


Carmen dijo...

well done, Belén. It seems to me you are one who will profit of your stay with us.

maría dijo...

Good news!! The Bandit is coming after the play to have some drink!!!! So have a siesta that afternoon those who could. Party, party!! ;)

maría 5ºB dijo...

It is possible that I have not ticket in the last moment... If some of you has one left, say to me, please!

Paloma dijo...

I’m having troubles with this play. I don’t like this kind of plays or films, I have enough with my own psychology to get into other’s, in addition, as most of you already know, I have to grown-up daughters and if I want to, we can have a psychological drama at any moment and without any effort, on the contrary, many times we have to work hard in order not to have them. That’s why going to the theatre to see a quarrel between a mother and their daughters is not very attractive for me. Furthermore there is another thing that worries me. Last year we went to a several plays and in all of them, without exception, the actresses were worse than the actors, In fact, if you remember, we always complained about their work, allowing for this precedents and Alessandro’s comments ( I believe María said something similar, didn’t she?)the play, starred only by women, frightens me a lot. Maria, if you finally don’t get a ticket tell me, I may give you mine, will see.

maría dijo...

I have finally my ticket!!! Thank you very much Paloma! You are the best!!!

marta dijo...

What about the play did you like it? I think you´ve already been, haven´t you?
What about Marisa Paredes is she good or so and so?
I´d like to hear your opinion

Susana 5ºC dijo...

I think the story is worthy it and I feel like to watch the film of Ingmar Bergman this weekend. Let´s see if Marisa Paredes is able to perform her difficult role as Charlotte.

Carmen dijo...

well this play prove sthe difficult relatinoship between mothers and daughters, but in a very boring quite of way. Really, they had all the problems and not one ray of sunshine!!! Not good text, very poor acting!! the daughter was like a servant!! the mother HORRIBLE and the best the handicapped, priest..who would go to cconfession with such a one? not credible at all!!
there is nothing like Shakespeare!! he´s real this was a bad film

Paloma dijo...

Oh Marta, you have been very lucky avoiding this play! I think I would need a thesaurus to find synonymous for horrible!.
Marisa Paredes: appalling, awful, terrible, lousy and incompetent. Her character was not credible and her performance really poor. When I was a child she used to appear in “Estudio 1” and “La novela” I didn’t like her then and she haven’t improved with time. Do you say she’s got a medal?!!...
I agree with Carmen as far as the eldest daughter is concerned. The acting of the other was the same as Elizabeth Bennet “Tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me”: very good position and very bad diction. However, I was unable to know whether she was a paralytic cerebral or a person with sclerosis. I meant, by the explanations given in the text she suffered from the second illness ,whose evolution was described quite accurately , but she played the typical paralytic cerebral. As I was bored I spent most of the time trying to find out this “important” issue.
The text was boring, heavy, slow and depressing. The music!? more than depressing.
I neither like the scenery, too dark, even in the moments in which they were supposed to be having fun.
Around me there were only women and all of them got bored and didn’t like the play either. In spite of not knowing each other they expressed aloud their bad impression and so did I.
Did anybody enjoy the play?

silvia ruiz 5ºB dijo...

All plays are worth seeing,because they allow you to make comparissons between one and another.This one was not the best I´ve seen.Neither the acting nor the plot were well acomplished.In my opinion we attended two hours of a tedious play,a dull performance and a passionless end.One never sees the beginning,development,climax and end.The course of the play is permanently on a horizontal line,except for several moments of loud utterances most of which were not credible.From the very beginning of the play I could not determine when the action was taking place for the daughter looked like a Middle Ages villager and her mother appeared as a
Modern age and an up-to-date person.

The story sounds familiar to me as I work out of my home many days in a month,but I´m sure my family is far away from those feelings of resentment.Being near someone doesn´t mean to stay all day around the person but letting him or her know you are there when they need you.

Olimpia, 3ºE dijo...

It was the worst play than I´ve ever seen. All was very bad. The play didn´t like me. The interpretation of the actor and the actrix were very disappointing because their words didn´t make to feel anything. The entonation was always the same, they never changed theirs voices so the play became very boring.
I thought and I expected than Marisa Paredes interpretation´s could be great, wonderful because I´d never seen her in theater. It as the fist time and she didn´t like me.
Anyway, at the begining of the play, many people were talking and they didn´t be quiet when the play began. It began late. Then, in the middle, there were many noises in the building next to. Many people were moving furnitures and they were running in the floor so we couldn´t hear well to the actors.
In general, all was horrible

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

It seems that most of the blogger have not been very satisfied with the play. I think I can have some good things to say about that, but this will be later; now, I want to write about the undoubtely better part of the evening. Some of the class mates decided to follow Carmen's advice that Shakespeare is the best, so, after taking a walk to the wild side (Lou Reed) for some wild potatos, we went to Ham-let (abbreviation of Ham Outlet=Museo del Jamón). There we startes with the well known "Two biers or not two biers". Most of us accepted just one. After some meditation, Silvia remembered Milton's Paradise Lost and said "Heil Coca Light, offspring of heaven, first born, it is my birthday!". In the meantime, Paloma's answer was "Bitter!". To be continued...

marta dijo...

This is the 3rd try, I haven´t been successful in the other 2 so I´m ready to give up.
In spite of the fact that nobody liked the play I have enjoyed reading your comments they are very good, you have improved a lot so keep posting because it´s a really good exercise.
Olimpia well done, in spite of the fact that you have made some mistakes I´m impressed because you done a very good job.
Paloma it seems that it was not only us but everybody who hated the play.
Fancy M.Paredes being so bad after Almodovar too. Good actors and actresses aren only really seen on stage.
Alessandro a very funny comment, you´ve used the language very smartly.
Finally I agree with Silvia she is right, we must look at the bright side of things and think the theatre is always worth it.
The good news is that undoubtedly the next play will seem better so that is something good!

Susana 5ºC dijo...

Let´s see what the good points are, shall we?

I like to have a couple of beers before the play, of course with “tapa”, on Thursday we should have drank more than two.

First of all, I couldn´t feel my legs because there was not space between the seats. Not only was I trapped, but I made no effort to get out. I was laughing with J.Manuel, Silvia and MªLuisa because we had a small group of octogenarian behind us.From the very beginning, they were saying in a loud voice: “I don´t like it, my feet are asleep, what time is it?, it is a horrible play, so on..”.

Apart from those voices, there were more noises from upstairs. At first, I thought that it could be part of the play, but it wasn´t, some people were working there!.
It was very funny and unbelievable!.

Secondly, I think, most of the people wanted to see Marisa Paredes. She had finised her unpleasant argument with Elena when most of the people started clapping, we thought, “at last she finished”. Well, she went on to acting for 15 minutes. What a nightmare. I felt slightly embarrassed for her.

So, what shall we say?, It was an unique and unforgettable experience.

Carmen dijo...

Susan, that is the correct spirit that we shaould in life!!! I´m glad that you´ve written this because, as Silvia says too, it is very positive to see any play, we should try and profit of all we see so, getting together, going for a drink afterwards, post-natal discussion, etc. should always be advantageous. It was good to see the Bandit, too, but he is not himself, don´t you think? His more earthy profile is up again, you have to move back to your "airy voices", Bandit.
Alessandro, good imaginative post!
Paloma, you´ve said that you didi not like her then and so has María Angel, our expert. This is just one more example of how one person who is not gifted, no actress at all can be successful in this country. We are so envious of the capable that we encumber those who are not!!!!

maría 5ºB dijo...

I thought you liked the play, Susan! Yes we should have drunk more than two beers (together with the stolen "tapa", lol). Here my review goes:

The sonata turned out to be a cacophony. Both the notes and their voices seemed to be out of tune. It was impossible to concentrate to listen to the play, because of their different contrasts of voices without any sense.
Marisa Paredes reminded me of Nuria Espert, unnatural in her voice and her manners. Nuria Gallardo was repellent, the kind of actress who likes demonstrating that she controls the situation, that she knows her role, that she isn´t going to make any mistake on the stage: a bit of a show-off. How self-confident, arrogant, a woman! Her tune of voice tended to be too shrill. Hence her loosing of credibility. She only filled me with deep contempt. How could I feel sad? The other two actors´ performance, tolerable.
On the other hand, it was a play which lacked feeling´s contrasts. As it was told a sad story, full of misfortunes, they should have inserted bright lights, happy melodies... Had it been so, they would have achieved to create a good drama, and not a depressing one, in every single way.
The film must be much better.

Alessandro, I´m looking forward to reading your story!
Marta, what were your two previous tries? Don´t give up!

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

I do not think the play was really so bad, it is just not the kind of play most of us do not like. I don’t know if this theatre is one of those well equipped ones with hidden microphone and speaker system that give the illusion of natural voice projection. If it there is no further merit; if it is not, the actresses and the actor have a superb pronunciation, since I could understand every single word they said, even I would be pleased that the parlamentos were a little shorter. Of course I can only speak for the time I was awake, and I am also glad that my snoring could not bother the close encounters of the third age (S. Spielberg).
Apart of this, I would forgive Mrs. Paredes if her behaviour in real life would be just a little bit more sensitive as her interpretation. I wonder how she can sink herself in the depths of that complicated characters, and then be so insensible to receiving with a smile the Medal of the Arts that was given in the same act to a detestable and bloody guy like José Tomás. It is really disgusting that Medals of the Arts are distributed to people that for one or another reason do not deserve them.

maría 5ºB dijo...

Does somebody know if it is possible to go to the Baruco without dressing Dior?? What glamour!!! ;)

silvia ruiz 5ºb dijo...

Sorry,I don´t get it,what Baruco?And who wore a Dior´s?
Did I miss anything?

fantastic your puns!!!what an outstanding mind!!!I really envy you!!!

Susana 5ºC dijo...

Carmen, you always have an argument for keeping your “students”, Bandit misses you a lot. I hope, he could be with us in January.

Sorry María, my comment was incomplete. I like the experiences that don´t leave me indifferent.

I like the plot of Sonata de Otoño, but the results was very disappointing with Marisa Paredes and the version of José Carlos Plaza and Manuel Calzada. This play is far of to be a great version of Sonata de Otoño by Ingmar Bergman, which is a provocative moving and intensely honest film about the complexity of familiar relationships.

In Sonata de Otoño, all the characters are involved in a drama, the family´s obsession, and it is interpreted as a duel between a mother and her daughter. All of us have this position in life and it is very interesting when you are in the theatre and you think about your own personal life and how we sometimes cannot accept our faults.

Alessandro 5º B dijo...

Carmen, Marta, Maria, Silvia, thank you for your positive comments to my jokes, I hope they will induce some class mate to read Shakespeare (or read him more), I began to read more the great William after reading Brave New World by Huxley (another excellent English writer). And I also think that Milton is not something to have fear of, it is really great, and one can discover how many “dark” or “gothic” movies and comics are inspired by his descriptions.
I really do not understand the actual fashion for making theatre based on movies, existing so many new and old original texts to be worked. I will never forget when I played for a stage of the Midnight summer dream some twenty years ago. The text was the original without any alteration. Tuesday to Sunday, six days per week the theatre was full and everybody was very amused, since everything sounded so actual.

Natalia dijo...

Hi Mates!
I share most of your opinions about the play we saw last thursday, but as Susana said, I think every play is worth watching and appreciating. The scenary and how different scenes were changing into new ones, was from my point of view well developped and achieved the desired result. The plot was good but long enough and too much complex ...tough and annoying.I liked the daughters character, but I agree with Silvia about the way she is dressed, seems to belong to another Century!!Marisa Paredes=Played the same role of Tacones Lejanos (Almodovar's film), a role that suits her.Bergman is not an easy author to enjoy at theatre, but deals with deeper human feelings, something interesting to discuss about.

SOSIAS dijo...

Well,definitely, you must have been there the wrong night, I saw the play weeks before you and I really liked it.

I completely disagree with you Carmen about the text, in my opinion is very good, there are a lot of great sentences in it.

I can't believe someone said there is no tension in the play. The tension increases minute by minute.

I agree Bergman is a dificult author, his stories need a slow rhythm because you have to understand every single word, every sentence, and think of his meaning. Maybe for these reasons a movie is better way to see it than a play.

Bergman is complex but very good talking about human feelings.

Finally I agree with Natalia about the staging, very interesting, I liked it.

3º B